I am a multi-skilled filmmaker who’s passion for storytelling has lead to me working on productions for the BBC, Amazon, ShowTime, CBS and Apple, with names like Steven Spielberg, Cari Joji Fukunaga, Florian Zeller and the Russo brothers.


During my time working as a floor runner, cast assistant, production assistant, location marshall and stand-in, I have witnessed first-hand, and taken part in, the collaborative and hard-working beast of the film and television industry and know what it takes to create something truly great and worthy of making an impact on audiences of all generations.


Outside of these productions I have also worked on and created my own short films, documentaries, commercials and music videos. Giving me skills in directing such as clear verbal communication and people skills. Producing skills such as time management, location hunting, problem solving and good written communication. Cinematography skills such as knowing what lenses, camera rigs and lighting set ups would best suit the shots/story we are aiming to capture. As well as, editing skills such as Adobe Premiere Pro, colour grading and attention to detail.


I am constantly seeking to develop my knowledge and skills and see every challenge as an opportunity to do so.